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Optimind for Doctors

At OPTIMIND, we are committed to optimising the mental & physical health of the community.

We value fairness, equity, respect and balance, and believe our collaborative approach ensures you receive the highest quality care.

As the only mental health provider on the Mornington Peninsula with a team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Mental Health Nurse, Dietitian and Social Worker, we work together to help you feel better and live better.

How to refer to an OPTIMIND Psychiatrist

Each of our OPTIMIND Psychiatrists has areas of specialisation and interest – you can find this information in our clinician biographies. If you are unsure which Psychiatrist to refer to then you can address your referral simply to “OPTIMIND” and our team will review the details you provide to find the most suitable Psychiatrist for your patient, also taking into consideration wait times.

The more detailed information you can provide in the clinical details the better informed our Psychiatrists will be to commence their assessment, formulate a diagnosis and begin the treatment plan. We can provide referral pads or PDF referral templates to make referring to our practice simplified. We receive referrals via fax, email or your patient can drop the referral in to our reception team at our consulting rooms.

Your referral can specify if you are seeking a one off assessment (291) or whether you are seeking ongoing care for your patient. When referring you can decide whether the referral will be standard (12 months) or indefinite. Your referral will enable your patient to receive a Medicare rebate after paying the appointment fee on the day – in most cases we can process the Medicare rebate for your patient in our consulting rooms and they will receive the rebate in their bank account in 1 to 2 business days.

If you have serious concerns about your patient or are seeking further advice from one of our Psychiatrists, please call our reception team and provide them with your details and they can request for one of our Psychiatrists to give you a call. Any additional information you can provide our reception team with will help us prioritise the return call.

How to refer to an OPTIMIND Psychologist

Referring your patient to OPTIMIND with a mental health care plan will enable your patient to access Medicare rebates for up to 10 sessions per calendar year (an initial 6 sessions and further 4 at your request). This means once your patient pays the full fee for the appointment we can then process a Medicare rebate for a portion of the appointment fee, which they will receive typically in 1 to 2 business days.

How Liaison Psychiatry can help patients:

  • Assess and manage new Anxiety and Depressive Disorders – is it Depression, is it the medical illness, is it medications?
  • Review and manage any existing Psychiatric illnesses, medication reviews and adjustments, especially as many people can only access GP’s out of Hospital
  • Provide counselling for difficult situations such a new diagnoses, prolonged admissions and complex family situations
  • Provide input for complex problems such as refusal of treatment and risks
  • Support and management for Delirium and Dementia presentations such a post-operative confusion, aggression, wandering
  • Assess and manage cognitive impairment
  • Assess and manage Chronic Pain presentations

OPTIMIND Liaison Psychiatry currently visits patients, by referral from your treating Doctor or Specialist, in the following Hospitals:

  • Beleura Private Hospital
  • Peninsula Private Hospital
  • The Bays Private Hospital
  • Frankston Private Hospital
  • Holmesglen Private Hospital
  • St John of God Hospital, Frankston.

If your patient is currently in Hospital and you believe they would benefit from Psychiatric support, then you can provide a referral to our Liaison Psychiatry Service. There will be no extra cost to patients for this service.

What can my patient expect?

Once we receive a referral to a Psychiatrist, the Psychiatrist you have referred to will then review this. This ensures that the Psychiatrist’s areas of specialisation best meet your patient’s needs – once the referral has been reviewed and approved our reception team will call your patient to discuss appointment fees and confirm the next available appointment time.

If the Psychiatrist referred to does not approve the referral based on the patients needs, we can ask one of our other Psychiatrists who may have an areas of specialty in the area your patient requires to review the referral and seek their approval. We will update you if your patient is approved to see an alternative Psychiatrist.

When your patient arrives for their initial appointment, they will find ample off street parking and discreet signage. We provide a relaxed and friendly environment, with welcoming reception team members to greet your patient on arrival. Your patient will be seated in our waiting room filled with natural light and tranquil surroundings. Our aim is to ensure your patient feels at ease.

What follow up and reports can I expect to receive about my patient’s treatment plan?

You can expect our Clinicians to send you a letter after an initial appointment. Ongoing progress reports will be sent through when required; we are committed to working together to improve the health and wellbeing of the patient. If you have any questions or concerns at any point please call reception to request a call back or send us an email and we will respond to you.

How to refer to the OPTIMIND Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

You can provide a referral using our referral pad template or by downloading the referral PDF on our website. Any details you can provide about the patient’s background and current concerns would be beneficial for us to commence our treatment.

How to refer to the OPTIMIND Mental Health Social Worker

You can provide a referral using our referral pad template or by downloading the referral PDF on our website. Any details you can provide about the patient’s background and current concerns would be beneficial for us to commence our treatment.

How to refer to the OPTIMIND Dietitian

No referral is needed, so anyone can call and make a booking. Anyone with a chronic health condition, can get a GP Management Plan (GPMP) with a Team Care Arrangement (TCA) from their GP, which entitles them to up to 5 allied health visits per calendar year that are rebated by Medicare.

Private Health Insurance extras covers Dietetics, so if patients have these extras, then this will reduce the fee as well.

Download Referral form

Download referral form

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