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Allied Health

The OPTIMIND team of allied health services in Mornington, Somerville & Moorabbin includes a Dietitian, Mental Health Social Worker and Mental Health Nursing.

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To receive expert Dietitian advice, look no further than OPTIMIND. To help you make the right decisions for your body, our experienced Dietitian translates complex nutritional information into practical dietary advice. A Dietitian can be extremely helpful to anyone of any age, and can help you lose weight, feel more energetic, get ready for pregnancy, or build resistance against illness or allergies. To lead a healthier and happier life, having a professional Dietician by your side can provide you with motivation and support when you need it most.

For a comprehensive social work assessment, OPTIMIND has you covered. Working with individuals, groups, and families, our expert Mental Health Social Worker will help you overcome mental health issues. Mental Health Social Work intervention aids clients in alleviating problems and improving their wellbeing and quality of life.

With the skills to undertake casework, counselling, and advocacy, our Mental Health Social Worker can also address any external problems, which can negatively impact your mental health including inequality, injustice, or discrimination. This unique collaborative approach ensures we don’t just help alleviate your symptoms of mental health problems, but can get right to the source.

People reach out to a Mental Health Social Worker when you:

  • Are seeking therapy or treatment for depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition including issues with drug and alcohol.
  • Have recently undergone a major life change (divorce, death of a loved one, housing, financial issues, unemployed, legal issues ) and need support.
  • Need geriatric assistance for an elderly family member.
  • Are finding it difficult to cover the costs of basic needs (food, shelter, water, or others).
  • Are having difficulty manoeuvring the system.

Mental Health Nurses work with their patients and clients in many different capacities to manage their illnesses within the context of daily life, encouraging and assisting them to set and achieve life goals, managing their medication and caring for their wellbeing.

Mental Health Nursing is a specialised branch of nursing with a focus on the care of people with mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, psychosis and crisis responses.  Mental Health Nurses work collaboratively with a range of other health professionals including medical Doctors and Psychologists. Mental Health Nurses have a range of skills including mental health promotion and screening, prevention, specialist counselling and psychotherapy, medication management and direct nursing care.

Source: Australian College of Mental Health Nurses



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