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Liaison Psychiatry

Liaison Psychiatry is a Psychiatric Sub speciality focusing on the practice of Psychiatry in collaboration with a range of health professionals, usually in a Hospital setting. Source (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists)

OPTIMIND Liaison Psychiatry currently visits patients, by referral from your treating Doctor or Specialist, in the following Hospitals:

  • Beleura Private Hospital
  • Peninsula Private Hospital
  • The Bays Private Hospital
  • Frankston Private Hospital
  • Holmesglen Private Hospital
  • St John of God Hospital, Frankston.

If your family member or friend is currently in Hospital and you believe they would benefit from Psychiatric support, then speak to your treating Doctor or Specialist and ask them to provide a referral to our Liaison Psychiatry Service. There will be no extra cost to patients for this service.

How Liaison Psychiatry can help patients:

  • Assess and manage new Anxiety and Depressive Disorders – is it Depression, is it the medical illness, is it medications?
  • Review and manage any existing Psychiatric illnesses, medication reviews and adjustments, especially as many people can only access GP’s out of Hospital
  • Provide counselling for difficult situations such a new diagnoses, prolonged admissions and complex family situations
  • Provide input for complex problems such as refusal of treatment and risks
  • Support and management for Delirium and Dementia presentations such a post-operative confusion, aggression, wandering
  • Assess and manage cognitive impairment
  • Assess and manage Chronic Pain presentations

How to make a referral

The treating Doctor or Specialist can send a referral form via our fax number (03) 5973 6478 or email to

Who provides this service?

Dr. Jeremy Stone, Dr Venkat Chekuri & Dr Binita Sharma

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